DivCare PDX is excited to offer special pricing during Portland Startup Week!


Parents: If you’re attending events not providing onsite childcare, we’re happy to work with you directly to make sure you can attend all of the events you want. We’re already organizing shared babysitting for several events, so please let us know where you need help.


How does shared babysitting work? Because our caregivers are used to working with up to four children at once, we’re able to match up families so that you can split the cost with other families. We’ll work with you to choose a location and to coordinate times.


Events: If you’re running an event during Portland Startup Week, DivCare PDX is here to support your efforts. We’re available to provide onsite childcare for your events. Please contact us for our special Portland Startup Week pricing.


How does event childcare work? We’ll come to your venue and care for children while their parents attend the event. You’ll need to provide us with a room, but we bring all our own toys, crafts, and even childproofing supplies.


Please contact us through the form below as soon as possible because we are booking